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Choose Your Path

Choose Your Path

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Title: Choose Your Path

Size: 18 x 24

Mediums: Acrylic, Sand, Spray Paint, Candle Wax, Glitter

Candle from Monalisa Candles

Every decision we make has an impact on our future. Choose what is going to help your future. Only you are responsible for your decisions you are the ceo of your life! You are the only person who can decide what stays in your life and what doesn't, for example only you are responsible for stopping a bad habit or addiction such as drinking, eating unhealthy & etc. You are responsible for deciding what good habits to put in your life.

Often times we are given multiple different paths & opportunities! The path you choose will either help you grow or will be a learning opportunity! Each day is a chance to grow! If you are stuck on what path you should choose, chose what your heart feels and weigh out your options. Nothing is ever easy, do wha makes you feel alive. Stay present & trust your intution!

A few examples of i've applied this to my life:

-During the summer of 2022 I realized that it's up to me put the work in for my art not only just creating art, marketing the art as well & finding a market that works for me! Each market i've done has been an experience & i'm beyond thankful!

-Around this time last year I realized that I should stop drinking alochol even though it was on and off, i'm proud to say I haven't drank alochol in months!

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