About Artist

Yanni Kavis

Yanni is the 1st Sand & Elements Painter, who has expressed his passion for since the age of 13. Yanni is currently now 26 years old!

Yanni’s creativity is inspired from his love & appreciation for his family,Community,and his conquering love for Rock music bands - Kaleo, Joe Satriani & Scorpions.

On December 17th, 2017 - Yanni was diagnosed with TYPE 1 Diabetes (T1D) which infects 1.6 million people in US alone. Some of Yanni's symptoms include Quench thirst, extreme hunger & unintended weight loss. Despite Yanni’s T1D health issues he expresses his challenges through painting and his art! Yanni has an art series based of his T1D "Series 2 T1D"

Yanni uses acrylic paint,sand,other earth's elements, spray paint & much more! Yanni currently has 4 art series.

The first art series "Series 1 elements" where he paints in areas around the world and add certain elements to the paintings!

The second art series "Series 2 T1D" is about his Type 1 Diabetes & the journey so far.

The third art series "Series 3 Self Care" is about taking care of yourself & the steps you can do for that!

The fourth art series "Series 4 Candle Wax" is where I pour candle wax on to my paintings & how I want blessings for everyone.