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Be The Change 16 x 20

Be The Change 16 x 20

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Be The Change

16 x 20

Mediums:Sand, Acrylic, Spray Paint, Blue Color Powder

It has taken me years to have the courage to make changes in my life and get to where I want to be. I am thankful for every experience i've gone through life because it got me to this point of where I am at, I am finally changing into the person I want to be.

You are the ceo of your life it is up to you of who and what you want to be.  Free up your mind and be the change you want to be! Opportunities will come, keep working hard for what you want!

Be kind to every person you see, everyone is going through something. If you want to change something in your life write down your goals of how you will get it accomplished. You can change your life in a heartbeat!

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